• Cricket is one of the first organized sports in Nigeria Introduced by the British
  • Colonial Masters who played the game in the colonial Armed Forces.
  • The missionaries taught the game at secondary schools across the country.
  • Cricket was the first recorded international competition which Nigeria participated in. This was the Nigeria-Gold Coast international match in 1904.
    Right up to the mid 70s, cricket enjoyed a pride of place in the sporting arena of Nigeria.
  • At the secondary school level the Morocco-Clarke competition was played amongst the four regions of the country.
  • At the senior level, there were a number of national competitions for clubs and states These include Elmore Cup, Martini Cup, etc.
  • Nigeria had a strong cricket followership
    • junior players at secondary school level
    • a strong Club culture and structure
    • a number of international matches were played in both West and East Africa.


The Nigeria Cricket Federation (NCF)

  • A non-profit organization of the Federal Ministry of Sports and Social Development
  • Established to promote and develop the sport of cricket in Nigeria

The Board comprises of:

  • One representative of each Geo-political zone 6
  • Executive Member of the Continental or International Federation 1
  • Nominee of the Federal Ministry of Sports and Social Development 1
  • Representative of National Association of Women in Sports (NAWIS) 1
  • Representative of NAPHERD 1
  • Representative of the Armed Forces, Police and Paramilitary 1
  • Representative of Corporate Sponsors/Bodies 1

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