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Thanks for the tip! I need those Sharpie Paint Pens!!! Im totally going to have to share this with my friends. Trying this out when we go back!!MeganI Teach. Printable Martin Luther King Jr. I found that using an *old* Expo produces less fumes and less "elbow grease". Best idea ever, ever, words to help conclude an essay ever. I have been joking for years I am just going to write their names on their desks with Sharpies, now I am really going to do it! I already went out and bought two of these markers in case one isn't enough. I'll try even i's skared... Learning really can be fun and it's my personal mission to show my students just that. I LOVE this idea, but can totally see every one of my little boogers picking at the paint... You can also erase Sharpie with nail polish remover because it has acetone in it. I tried this today with a dark blue and a purple colored sharpie paint pen (oil based) on the light/natural colored version of the desks in your picture. Awesome idea!! BTW, fingernail polish remover also takes it off. It took A LOT of trial and error to figure this out, but it was soooooo worth it! Tried it and it does not come off! I love fifth grade, but still have a great deal of material to teach in grades K-2, which is why I will be posting some material for those particular grades. Tried the Expo, then acetone, clorox wipes, etc & thought I would never get off of my light colored tables.

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Over time the paint might fade or eventually rub off some with cleaning, etc. Just stumbled on this post...Love it! Another Pinterest fail! I tried getting it off with the expo then hand sanitizer and a chlorox wipe. Will the chalkboard markers work too? I worked as an employee for an afterschool program in a nearby school district. I'm fine with the numbers being on there, but glad I didn't write names. And I hesitated too because I feel the same way. Unbelievable! I'm so excited! Didn't work for me! I am so sad. I teach middle school. I have 5 different groups of kids in my classroom, and sometimes some will switch their seats. My kids would love to write their signature on their desk! FYI: Disinfectant wipes and baby wipes also take the oil based Sharpie off. If your worried if your custodian/janitors cleaners will take it off. Wonder if I can write the names on my school bus and it come off. English Language Arts, Creative Writing, Reading, Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary, Specialty, Math, Basic Operations, Fractions, Geometry, Measurement, Numbers, Other (Math), Science, Earth Sciences, Environment, Social Studies - History, U.S. Plus no fumes like the polish remover. I'm super curious (and lazy)!!! There is nothing for them to pick off.

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I love this idea so much and the regular paper name tags really annoy me and my students.Any ideas would be much appreciated!!! Can't wait to try this with my students. I only read one comment that said they couldn't get it off. I have also used Germ-X. If you cover things that have been written with a sharpie (it even works on slick covered workbooks.) with a thick layer of Germ-X and leave it for a couple of minutes you can wipe off the marker. Thank you for this FANTASTIC idea!! If I have 30 students and want to use the same color paint pen how many paint pens do you think I will need to buy? Custom Pens You've found the best promotional pens made in the USA. They also have refillable paint pens and they sell blank felt nibs for the markers so they can be reused. Definitely trying this in the new year... I used duct tape to write their names on their space, then found I needed to cover with regular mailing tape because their names came off right away. I always wonder what to use on posters, such as birthday posters. Rubbing alcohol is next I guess. I suspect that at some point in the school year I may need to rewrite a few or all, but if I had nameplate, they would already be torn, dirty, and just plain icky.

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They have now been on for a week and I couldn't what to write student names on the tables. I am in L-O-V-E with this!!! I just put new name tags on desks 3 weeks ago and they are already coming off.