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I think her main issue is that school and school work take time away from being able to draw and write. F— YOU! Just because you have a degree or are getting one doesn’t mean you are any better than me. I have a Masters in my field and a good record of hard work. Accept challenges, accept knowledge, and accept responsibility. Let a professional writer help you perfect your assignment. I currently see similar traits in my five year old daughter, and I have no interest in tagging her with unnecessary labels. Its not like he was some random bum who quit harvard and built an empire. What are your thoughts? If I had to prepare her for it, what are the books I can use (I prefer paper books to online ones). I’m currently a fine art major and can’t wait to get out. Montessori only seems flexible in that it allows each child to learn on their level. Lulz. Do you understand the entire monetary system is a fucking joke, essentially invisible chains? But at the same time I am happy to see there is a support network for those that are in the trade. It comes easily. You understand math, you’re golden. Things once paid for, will no longer be. A debate class with nothing but subjects that have no plausable answer but lots of controversy. Find out what you want. what kind of living do you want? I’m in my 3rd year, getting an econ degree. They don’t know how to teach because they are not teachers, they are academics. The more experience you have, the more likely you are to hit the ground running without a lot of hand-holding.

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Not every shoebox that gets sent overseas by Operation Christmas Child is an official OCC box as many families and individuals simply use real shoeboxes from their homes, but the organization often does provide its partner churches and parachurch ministries with OCC-branded boxes that come emblazoned with cartoon illustrations of barefoot Latino and African children the likes of which you might find in colonialist missionary hagiography or racist Party City Halloween catalogues. Unfortunately, that kind of support network has drawbacks too. He is six and doing triple digit multiplication and I’m very skittish about the public school system. Time is simply too precious for tom-foolery, so do what’s right. This school wasted my time and instead of enlightening me, sucked my soul out of my body (I fell into a depressive state from the start, and now am working with a therapist) and sucked my money from my bank account. I am from Bangalore, India and we speak two languages at home. Her IQ was low average, around 92 with a couple of strong outliers that brought it down. It does not seem to be for everyone that’s for sure and it is not easy magic money as some might think. I gained much maturing and social development. College is honestly not for everyone. I’m going through this turmoil myself right now, and it’s all about deciding whether I’d be happier with wealth or the job I love, should I continue college? I decided to stop this nonsense. He’s has seen three peditriac neurologist they all each have told me something different first one said he was smart only needs speech other two work with the Austism center and requested genetic testing mris and a four hour physiology test ( the labs came back negative ) good etc . I have just started a community college in colorado and i am overwhelmed with all the homework. Personally, I would keep it a secret from those kinds of people. College is for upper-middle class slaves.

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The world is a big place, things to help you concentrate on homework we need help to get prepared, and the only thing we have to do is to find that motivation. I help students professionally to enter and often re-enter college after they’ve done poorly. Sorry if some of this stuff doesn’t make sense. For some people such as myself, there is no set degree in school. If anything, I would rather work a full time job and learn, what I’ve always wanted to do, to program video games on the side as a hobby. I agree with you to some extend. He reads fluently, just about everything around him and understands Math concepts including groupings for multiplication/division, greater and less than, time etc. So if college was 1000, maybe 5000 tops a year, sure buddy, I’ll teach myself and thank you for making me a “world citizen.” But at 30 gs a pop, I want a job after wards, I don’t want bs courses, and guess what, I want to be taught. Have a homework assignment that includes essay writing? DO!) I admit I didn’t take a full load or work for tuition. To all college students: Do not despair in whatever field you enter.

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He went from nonverbal (only using some sign language to reading in less than 2 years). People are afraid of “failure” but success does not always mean wealth. Going crazy over complex math assignments? That’s something most of us don’t realize until later in life, and it’s an important distinction. It’s important to see the connection between the two. Just because people are lazy and will try to find excuses about why college is so bad is an opinion, look at the facts of the average salary for a college graduate and a high school graduate. At three, you will not get stable results, so you just need to keep that in mind.